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Posted on 19 May, 2016 at 18:35 Comments comments (2)


������AGERA SKIN PEELS������




These skin peels are also given at The Harley Medical Group with Microdermabrasion for £150 each.


Baker Girl Beauty is proud to announce AGERA SKIN PEELS to the treatment menu.

















Agera® Skin Peels


The revolutionary proliferative peels created by Agera® are non-irritating, pain free and cause no down time from skin shedding, redness or irritation.


These unique treatments cause significant stimulation of the fibroblasts deep within the skin to produce new collagen and elastin. This proliferative effect on the skin's cells delivers many anti-ageing benefits without any unsightly skin shedding or redness.


After only one session, the skin will look clearer, smoother and brighter. For maximum results a course of 6 Agera® skin peels can be combined with medical microdermabrasion.


For more information on AGERA SKIN PEEL please see there website:


So don't delay book in today at BAKER GIRL BEAUTY.


Love and Sparkles


Baker-Girl ��xx


OPI - 10 FACTS !!!!

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Anyone who knows me or has visited me for a treatment knows I have a passion or some may say an obession with OPI nail products....

So just for fun I thought I would enlighten you on some facts about this NO1 NAIL BRAND OPI .....!!!!

1. OPI this stands for Odontorium Products Inc.

2. OPI products are made in Hollywood, West California USA.

3. In 1981 OPI was orginally a small dental supply company purchased by George Schaeffer and used to manufacturer artificial dental appliances such as dentures. The acrylics which were used in the making of the dentures was the same used by nail technicians.

4. The creative director and partner with George Shaeffer is Suzi Weiss-Fischmann who joined shortkly after George Shaeffer. Part of Suzi's job is to select colours and name all the polishes hence the reason for names like 'Where did Suzi's Man Go' or 'Suzi Shops Island Hops'.

5.In 1989 OPI  used to manufacturer artificial dental appliances such as dentures. The acrylics which were used in the making of the dentures was the same used by nail technicians and their business model changed to NAIL LACQUER, not dentures!

6. OPI brought out a dog nail polish in 2003 which received mixed reviews. Needless to say it was a not a seller !!!

7. OPI is committed to making sure that their products are only sold through reputable beauty salons. The reason for this is that it deprives the consumers of professional care and advice that are necessary to enjoy these products.

8. In 2010 OPI was bought out by Coty Inc the price tag was said to be $1 billion dollars !!!

9.OPI makes appox 55 million bottles each year!!!

10. OPI proudly boasts all of their nail lacquers have been reformulated to eliminate chemicals DBP (dibutyl pthalate), formaldehyde and toulene.

I hope this has enlighten you on OPI .....

Love and Appreciation to this ICONIC and AMAZING nail brand .... OPI !!


Baker-Girl x


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Hi Baker Girl Beauty Clients / Friends...

This is my first blog on the website and I thought I would do it on my new natural wonder product COCONUT OIL...

This is an amazing product for health and beauty.

Please note there are endless things cocount oil can benfit you here are just a few which I believe would be benefical to you:

1. Moisturiser - An amazing night cream and body cream and even your eye area. It also ideal for people who suffer with skin disorders.

2. Eyelash Serum - Help your lashes reach there full potential ....You can put it on your eyelashes / eyebrows to promote natural growth.

3. Nappy Rash Cream - Soothe sore babies bums with this.

4. Cuticle Oil - You can apply to cucticles and nails to hydrate, moisturise and strengthen.

5. Lip Balm - A qucik fix lip balm you can apply to lips for hydration and mositure.

6. Sretch Mark Cream -This can really help you during pregnancy to help ward off stretch marks, but anyone can use this as a topical treatment for scars. While the oil won't fade any marks, it can help prevent dark spots and blisters from forming.

7. Massage Oil - The beautiful aroma of coconut over your body whilst being massaged sounds like heaven right??!! Warm coconut oil in the microwave and add a few drops of an essential oil, like lavender or peppermint, for a soothing massage mix.

8. Friz Hair Tamer - Apply a small amount into the palm of your hand and use as a hair serum and  to tame your locks.

9. Itchy Skin - This can relieve burns, bug bites, and bruises can all be soothed with a topical balm of coconut oil.

10. Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment - You can use hot coconut oil as a preshampoo treatment to soothe dry hair before you shampoo and condition. Leave in for at least an hour for an allover moisturising treatment.

I hope this has inspired you to a natural alternative to everyday beauty needs.

I would recommend if you do purchase coconut oil to buy organic. Your local supermarket or health food store will stock this natural wonder product.

If you have any questions regarding this blog please feel free to contact me :

Love & Appreciation to Coconut Oil

Baker-Girl x