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Here at Baker Girl Beauty we believe in offering the finest treatments and delivering exceptional results which us why we use iconic OPI brand for all our manicures and pedicures.

All products from start to finish is OPI not just the polish at the end ..

We believe in giving you the customer an experience as well as a treatment..

We are passionate about all things beauty and about YOU...!!


Baker Girl Beauty xx

File and Paint   20 minutes                        

File, shape and OPI polish.


OPI Express Pedicure    25 minutes                       

This express pedicure is perfect for girls who need a pedicure fast. Treatment includes file, shape, cuticle work and OPI polish


OPI Essential (Classic) Pedicure    40 minutes

The Essential pedicure is for girls who want flip flop feet pronto. Treatment includes file, shape,  soak, scrub, cuticle work, massage and OPI polish.


OPI GelColor Pedicure   35minutes                                                                                                                                                         

The gel pedicure uses an OPI  polish with 100% pure gel formula that gives you weeks of  wear and super shine. Treatment  includes file, shape, cuticle work, cuticle oil, mini massage and OPI GelColor.


OPI Pedicure with mask    45 minutes

A facial for your feet the Manicure / Pedicure range by OPI with Chamomile and Mint is suitable for hands and feet. It is suited to all skin types. The treatment includes file, shape, soak, scrub, mask, cuticle work, cuticle oil, massage and OPI polish.


OPI SPA Pedicure 6 step with foot mask   60 minutes

A luxurious OPI SPA facial for your feet includes file, shape, soak, callus softening, foot file exfoliate, scrub, mask, massage and soften alongside cuticle work, cuticle oil and OPI polish.


OPI SPA Pedicure by OPI with Parrafin Wax  75 minutes                                                                                                                            

A crème da la crème manicure using all OPI products alongside paraffin wax. Your feet will feel like feathers once this treatment is complete. Treatment includes:  file, shape, soak, scrub, mask, feet coated in paraffin wax, cuticle work, cuticle oil, massage and OPI polish.


Gel Removal not applied by Baker Girl Beauty    20 minutes                            

Removal wraps are applied with OPI Expert Touch acetone nail polish with conditioners to remove gel from hands / feet.


Nail Art         

Choose from glitter, gem stones, transfers and much more to add something extra special to your nails. 

From £7.00 price available upon request.

Additional OPI GelColor for any Pedicure         £20.00